Two crucial political issues which I worked on as a politician were taken up as research subjects by university students.

投稿日:2021年7月27日 更新日:

Two female university students, who are in their senior year at Nagasaki Junshin Catholic University and belong to Associate Professor Nozomu Ishii’s seminar, came to my office on the morning of Sunday, July 25, to interview me. I have been acquainted with Associate Professor Ishii for many years. The students were working on their graduate theses on the issue of charging for plastic shopping bags and on the issue of releasing the treated and diluted nuclear radioactive water at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station into the Pacific Ocean respectively, both of which I tackled a few years ago as a politician. They thought that it would be best for them to directly hear from me. Naturally, I spoke passionately about the background and the government’s decision-making process, as well as the stakeholders’ reaction to the government’s decision. (For the details of these two issues, please refer to my articles which I wrote several times in this blog). By directly interviewing the person who was deeply involved in these events as a politician and verifying the events, historical facts of the events accumulate, which I believe is the very essence of learning history.

With regard to Associate Professor Ishii, he is a well-known scholar in the field of China issues such as the Senkaku Islands. I have been greatly influenced by his theory in this field.