International conferences using Zoom

投稿日:2021年7月22日 更新日:

For two days in a row, I had online conferences using Zoom, a web-conferencing tool, at my office in Fukuoka Prefecture on July 20-21. I had discussions with international affairs specialists from South Korea on the first day, and with scholars from the US on the second day. The discussions were fairly fruitful and informative to me. I feel I am getting accustomed to having discussions with others online via Zoom.

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, online meetings using tools such as Zoom are fast becoming the norm in our society. It depends on the condition of the devices you are using, the situations of the other country, and the radio wave condition, but once I got used to it, I was able to communicate smoothly even in international conferences. The coronavirus pandemic caused us a great deal of damage, but if web conferences become the norm even after the pandemic ends in the future, it may be engraved in the history of mankind as a by-product of the coronavirus pandemic.




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