Four years have passed since northern Kyushu including Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, was severely damaged by the flooding caused by torrential rains. Let’s pray for the souls of the victims.

投稿日:2021年7月6日 更新日:

It is four years since northern Kyushu including Fukuoka and Oita Prefectures was severely damaged by the flooding caused by torrential rains on July 5-6, 2017. A memorial ceremony for the victims was held this year in Hakimasue Ward, Asakura City, Fukuoka Prefecture, at the gymnasium of the then Masue Primary School on July 4. Since I was occupied on that day, I visited the school on the next day and prayed for the souls of the victims.

The flooding in Asakura City was really severe. It is reported that the death toll of victims in Fukuoka and Oita Prefectures was 40, and the number of missing was two. Many people in Hakimasue Ward evacuated from the flood-stricken areas, and over 50 people spent the night at the then Masue Primary School. Although the school was closed in March 2018, people in Hakimasue Ward still remember the bright and prosperous community that existed there. They have been persevering, making desperate efforts, and continuing to reconstruct and restore the disaster areas for the past four years.

I have endeavored for the restoration of Asakura City, Toho Village and Soeda Town in Fukuoka Prefecture. I requested the then Prime Minister Abe and the then Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to make an on-the-spot inspection of those disaster areas. I also petitioned them to designate those disaster areas as extremely severe disaster areas by ordinance and allocate the government’s budget for the restoration of those areas. As a result, those areas were approved by the government as the ordinance-designated disaster areas in August 2017. I hope my efforts at that time helped the restoration of those areas. I prayed for the souls of the victims with thousands of emotions in my mind.

Yet another disaster occurred in Japan a few days ago. A torrential rainfall in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, triggered a debris flow disaster. It tells us that many people across Japan are currently facing the challenges of natural disasters, prevention and recovery.




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