The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to support the Japan Post Group, together with the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

投稿日:2021年6月15日 更新日:

The Diet passed and enacted the bill to privatize the Japanese postal services in October 2005. In the process to reach the enactment, many Diet members devoted tremendous energy to the political conflict which could be described as a revolution. In October 2007, in accordance with the Japan Postal Service Privatization Act and its relevant laws, the Japan Post Group, which consisted of Japan Post Holdings and four subsidiary companies, were established. The government-run postal system ended and the privatized Japan Post Group started. The subsequent progress of privatization proceeded almost as scheduled. In April 2012, the bill to partially amend the Japan Postal Service Privatization Act and its relevant laws passed the Diet, and in October, out of four subsidiary companies, two companies were merged into Japan Post Co., Ltd. As a result, the current scheme of the Japan Post Group consists of Japan Post Holdings, and Japan Post, Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance.

However, to our regret, Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. was revealed to be engaged in a large-scale fraudulent selling of life insurances several years ago in many post offices throughout Japan. In order to regain the customers’ trust in the Japan Post Group, further efforts by the group’s management staff and employees are required. The LDP has continuously supported the group in promoting the activities to regain trust. For this particular reason, the relationship between the LDP and the Japan Post Group has strongly been tied for many years.

At the meeting of the APPG held in the Diet on June 14, I raised my hand and expressed my opinion that in my electoral district in Fukuoka Prefecture the Japan Post Group’s activities are going well and are well received by the residents, and that I would like to ask the group’s further support for the LDP in the forthcoming election. The APPG members agreed to my request to the Japan Post Group. It goes without saying that the Japan’s postal system has had a long history and social significance, and it has made a great contribution to the socio-economic growth of Japan.

(Chairperson of the APPG is Mr. Takeshi Noda who is a member of the House of Representatives, and serves as Supreme Advisor of Research Commission on the Tax System, LDP. Chairperson of the National Association of Postmasters is Mr. Akira Suetake.)




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