The All-Party Parliamentary Group aiming at formulating a policy to accelerate the decarbonization of steel and other heavy industries

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Currently, the environmental policy has become more important than ever, and simultaneously, by applying the policy to the steel and other heavy industries, their economic and social burden will increase. It goes without saying that the manufacturing industries including steel and other heavy industries will play a tremendously large role in the country’s economy and employment. In order for them to compete with manufacturers in China and other competitive countries, they will need a large-scale policy-oriented support.

Chairperson of the group is Mr. Hiroyuki Hosoda, Member of the House of Representatives (1990–present). He served as Chief Cabinet Secretary, Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), and he is currently the leader of the LDP’s largest faction. I serve as Acting Chairperson. Both of us learned the importance of various industrial policies in our days at the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Executive Director of the group is Mr. Shuhei Aoyama, Member of the House of Representatives, who is from Okazaki City, Aichi, a large industrial prefecture in Japan.




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