A Vietnamese woman and Taiwanese pineapples

投稿日:2021年5月29日 更新日:

I received a visit from a young Vietnamese woman. Her name is Ms. Nguyen. She came to my office to greet me because recently she was officially employed by the company to which I recommended her. We rejoiced together and I encouraged her.

She brought me a portrait of me as a souvenir. It was a pencil drawing that she had been learning in Vietnam. She had drawn it by looking at a photo of me, and to my surprise, it was a photo of me holding a Taiwanese pineapple.

Earlier this year, Taiwan experienced an abundant harvest of pineapples but suddenly they were unable to sell the pineapples overseas. It was primarily because the Chinese government abruptly banned imports of Taiwanese pineapples on March 1. First and foremost, my office was consulted with by the concerned people in Taiwan and Japan, and together with my staff, I participated in the sales promotion campaign of Taiwanese pineapples through my office’s personnel networks. Taiwanese pineapples are now well known all over Japan as somewhat small and delicious pineapples, and have become popular on TV. Ms. Nguyen drew a portrait of me looking at me in the commemorative photograph taken during the campaign at that time. The pineapple which Ms. Nguyen is holding in the photo below also happens to be the one which was recently imported from Taiwan.

It was indeed a curious coincidence.