I appeared on the internet program to discuss the environmental policy.

投稿日:2021年5月4日 更新日:

I appeared on the internet program titled ‘SDGs and the environmental policy’  remotely from the headquarters of my Fukuoka office. The program was organized by the alumni association of Waseda University. The conventional face-to-face conferences seem to be fading since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and now remote conferences using such tools as Zoom have come to be popular. Internet has made our lives easier and more convenient. I have to keep up with the times.

I explained about the following topics which I had worked on as the Minister of the Environment: SDGs, measures to eliminate marine plastic pollution, charging for plastic shopping bags, the Paris Agreement to combat climate change adopted at COP21 in 2015, decarbonization, abolition of coal-fired thermal power generation, measures to control emissions of fluorocarbon gas, and hydrogen gas development. In recent years, many university students have taken a keen interest in environmental policy.




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