Visit to the site of the residence where Tokujiro Shibata, the founder of Kokushikan University, was born

投稿日:2021年2月15日 更新日:

I visited the site of the residence located in Bessho, Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture where Tokujiro Shibata (1890-1973), the founder of Kokushikan University, was born. Kokushikan University started as a small private school in Azabu district, Tokyo, in 1917, and has now grown into a large university. It marked its 100thanniversary in 2017. A monument of Tokujiro Shibata was built in the Central Community Hall of Nakagawa City about four years ago. The four virtues which he left us, ‘Sincerity, Labor, Insight, and Spirit’ are inscribed on his stone monument.

Yukichi Fukuzawa (born in Oita Prefecture and the founder of Keio University), Shigenobu Okuma (born in Saga Prefecture and the founder of Waseda University), and Tokujiro Shibata, were all born in the Kyushu region, and I have been advocating that they are the three outstanding educationalists in Japan. (In the photo taken in the garden of the house rebuilt on the site of Tokujiro Shibata’s residence, the person standing next to me is the great-grandson of Tokujiro Shibata. Plum trees behind us have lived since Tokujiro Shibata was alive.)




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