The promotion of exports of Fukuoka Prefecture’s regional specialties under the ‘Cool Japan’ strategy

投稿日:2021年2月9日 更新日:

Various kinds of regional specialties are produced in Fukuoka Prefecture. I have been assisting the Fukuoka Prefectural government in promoting exports of products such as branded strawberries named Amao, Kurume Kasuri (clothes with splashed patterns), Amaki tie-dyed clothes, whisky and so on to Hong Kong and Singapore. The Japanese agricultural products have been recognized by people in foreign countries as heathy, safe and delicious products. They have high reputation and reliability as brand-name products. Under Japan’s recent policy of ‘Cool Japan’, culture, performing arts, food and fashion have rapidly been exported in a comprehensive manner. This success has been achieved thanks to the efforts made by our ancestors and predecessors who worked hard and built international credibility on the quality and techniques of the Japanese products in the past competitive international business activities.

Mr. Doh Chee Haw is a Chinese Malaysian. He has been living in Japan for the past 25 years since he graduated from university. He is a diligent and honest person, and is loyal and compassionate. Furthermore, he is intelligent and has a talent for business. In Malaysia, he has his own house and his business headquarters. He is now managing a full-scale business among Japan, Malaysia and South-East Asian countries. Thanks to his advice, Asakura Municipal Office in Fukuoka Prefecture has decided to start the export of its regional specialties to South-East Asian countries.

After I met with him a couple of times, he started to visit my office on a frequent basis, and I welcomed him and took care of him. We have long been friends since then. His dream is to build a large Japanese village in the Malaysian territory of Borneo where he hopes to serve as a bridge between Japan and Malaysia.




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