I appeared in ABEMA Prime, a net TV’s news channel, and discussed the theme of ‘Politicians and the Age-limit Retirement System’.

投稿日:2021年1月22日 更新日:

Nowadays, the so called ‘Net TV’ prevails not only among the young generation but also among middle-aged and older generations. I was suddenly invited to appear on the net TV ABEMA’s news channel ABEMA Prime’ which focused on the theme of ‘Politicians and the Age-limit Retirement System. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP),which I belong to, has been keeping its own policy of the mandatory retirement age of 73 and it is applied to all Diet members in the LDP who are elected under the electoral system of proportional representation. The current electoral system of the Japanese Diet members primarily comprises a combination of constituencies and proportional representation in both the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors, and single-seat constituencies are adopted in the former case. The mandatory age-limit retirement policy has been controversial for many years. The veteran Diet members and the younger Diet members in the LDP have long been arguing over this issue.

I shared with other discussants the various opinions within the LDP on this issue, and exchanged our views. I was pleased to have had the opportunity to listen to young people’s views on this occasion.




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