Minister in charge of Territorial Issues Hachiro Okonogi showed appreciation for obtaining vintage maps of the Senkaku Islands.

投稿日:2021年1月15日 更新日:

The front-page headline of the Sankei Shimbun on December 16, 2020, reported that Mr. Wataru Takada, my secretary, obtained the two old European maps through the internet to verify that the Senkaku Islands belong to the territory of Japan. The two maps are the London Atlas in the UK and Adolf Stieler’s Hand-Atlas in Germany, both published in the late 19th century. (For details, please refer to my blog dated December 16, 2020). Mr. Hachiro Okonogi, Chairperson of the National Public Safety Commission and Minister in charge of Territorial Issues, invited me and Mr. Wataru Takada to his office and expressed his appreciation to Mr. Takada for his efforts in obtaining valuable material. Together with the Chinese government’s map published in 1969 which I myself found in 2015, these two maps clearly show that the Senkaku Islands belong to the sovereignty of Japan. The maps are now highly appreciated by the government led by the Suga Cabinet as the decisive evidences to rebut the Chinese government’s claim over the Senkaku Islands.




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