Sending a phrase to pray for my Chinese friends’ better future: ‘Kunan Fukumon (hardship is a gate to happiness)’

投稿日:2020年11月8日 更新日:

I received a visit from three Chinese people living in Japan who had suffered the violation of their human rights by the Chinese government before they came to Japan. I once helped one of them in solving his brotherhood issues. They told me about the hardships of their friends in China who had the same experiences as they did, and told me everything on their mind and how much they cared about their friends. They probably knew that I could not do anything directly to help their friends, but maybe they felt somewhat better when they said out what had been on their mind.

When we finished our talks, I gave each of them my book in which I autographed an old saying, ‘Kunan Fukumon (hardship is a gate to happiness)’ with my signature. It means, “Though they are suffering hardships now, they will surely reach the gate of happiness in the future.” Will their friends be released from the violation of their human rights by the huge Chinese Communist Party? The only thing I can do now is to pray for their better future.

In the photo below, I am holding the materials regarding the information that was leaked by a Chinese female medical doctor on viral pneumonia with unknown causes – it was deemed to be novel coronavirus – occurred in Wuhan, Hubei Province, a year ago. Further report from her on the information of novel coronavirus was abruptly forbidden by the Chinese government authority.




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