A tragedy of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

投稿日:2020年9月9日 更新日:

Mr. A, who is from Inner Mongolia in China, visited my office today. (I will not use his real name in this article for his safety’s sake.) I have been acquainted with him for many years. All the staff in my office and I have been helping him with his activities for the international exchange programs between Inner Mongolia and Japan. He is a leader of the Inner Mongolian people in Tokyo. He is truly an active and capable person, and has a strong leadership.

When he came in my office today, he looked pale. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in the territory of China, and according to Mr. A, the Chinese government started to carry out a drastic reform of changing Inner Mongolia’s official language from Mongolian to Chinese. A great deal of confusion had already occurred in the education sector. He was worried about how he could protect Mongolian language, culture, and its people.

Since I had no immediate solution to his anxiety, I could not help answering, “Don’t be discouraged. The international community will be sure to rescue your homeland from China’s oppressive control. Japan will never abandon you and the people of Inner Mongolia.”

It can be said that fundamental human rights currently do not exist in China. It is primarily because the Chinese Communist Party led by President Xi Jinping monopolizes the power to govern the whole country. It is completely opposite to democracy, freedom, human rights, and morality which the Japanese people enjoy and take for granted. China is now pushing forward its hegemonic expansion of its territory in South China Sea and East China Sea, while people in the world are struggling with new coronavirus infections. In particular, Chinese coast guard vessels have been intruding into Japan’s contiguous zone and territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands, the sovereignty of which belongs to Japan historically and under international law. How cruel it is for China to deprive the people in Inner Mongolia of the tribe’s own language.