Symptom of fragility of President Trump’s political leadership

投稿日:2020年6月3日 更新日:

While almost all the countries in the world are still in chaos due to the COVID-19 peril, China has never stopped its hegemonic expansion to other countries. Indeed, the US President Trump has made his best effort to control Chinese hegemonic expansion, and I heartily respect him for his effort, but the President’s recent speeches and actions make me worry about his political leadership. It has frequently been pointed out that he had no political experience prior to taking office. His weakness in his career seems to have been confirmed.

None of President Trump’s strategies to tackle the COVID-19 infection is praiseworthy. The President occasionally takes bold actions, lacking in the sequence of arrangements and preciseness. His weakness is clearly indicated in his administration’s poor handling of the COVID-19 infection. In the US, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 infection is about 1.69 million people, and the number of the infected death toll is more than 100,000 (as of May 27, according to the data of Johns Hopkins University). Both figures are the highest in the world.

After a black man was suffocated under the knee of a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota (MN), on May 25, large-scale demonstrations to protest against police officers’ violence and racism spread across the US. Most of the demonstrations marched peacefully, but some of them turned violent. President Trump announced to mobilize the US Armed Forces if states do not deploy more National Guard. The President ‘trod on a tiger’s tail’ which is a Japanese old saying meaning ‘took a great risk’. In other words, he entered into the crucial issue of racism in the US.

He is now desperate to be reelected in the US presidential election in fall. However, while his political style is seemingly powerful, his actual political method is not mature yet, giving an anxiety to the leaders in the free world.

Large scale demonstrations throughout the US have been reported by the mass media. Clashes between the police officers and demonstrators happened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 28, and in other states.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government leaders seem to have been pleased at these demonstrations because daily media reports on these demonstrations would shift people’s attention away from China’s new security law for Hong Kong which violates the region’s ‘one country, two systems’ that was once guaranteed by China.




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