100,000 yen will be granted per person by the government as cash benefit amid the new coronavirus outbreak. What will politicians do with the money?

投稿日:2020年4月23日 更新日:

Granting 100,000 yen to every person living in Japan, including foreigners who are registered as residents as of April 27, has finally been decided by the government. I have always appealed to the government for prompt decisions and quick actions, and I think the government made an appropriate decision. All the Cabinet members have decided to decline to receive the grant. Diet members’ decisions will depend on the political party which they belong to, and the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will probably request its Diet members to refrain from receiving the grant.

The discussions on the question of whether or not the Diet members and the government officials should refrain from receiving the grant are going on in the LDP, and the two major opinions are as follows:

1. Since the Diet members and the government officials are paid decent salaries and social welfare benefits, it is quite natural for them to decline to receive the grant.

2. The whole nation is suffering from the new coronavirus pandemic, and the Diet members as well as the government officials are no exception. They are qualified to receive the grant, and as to whether or not they decline the money, it is up to individuals.

According to the news, one prefectural governor instructed all officials in that prefectural office to decline the grant, but he withdrew his instruction on the next day. I know that all Diet members and government officials are seriously concerned about the difficult situation under the new coronavirus pandemic, and they have been working day and night to prevent the spread of the infection nationwide by all means to protect lives and livelihoods of the people living in Japan.




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