Surprisingly, President Trump has announced to resume normal economic activities which have been shut down to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

投稿日:2020年4月21日 更新日:

Has President Trump made an irrational statement again? While the coronavirus pandemic is still dominant around the world, he has announced to resume parts of the normal economic activities in the US by lifting the restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Any country in the world that has suffered from the new coronavirus infection is now struggling with balancing the prevention of infection and the resumption of normal economic activities. According to the data of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as of April 19, out of approximately 2.3 million infected cases reported globally, 727,000 cases were in the US; and out of 159,000 people who have died of new coronavirus worldwide, 39,000 were in the US. The US ranks the highest in the world in these figures. If the President reopens the US economy now, everyone will be concerned that the second pandemic of the new coronavirus would occur.

President Trump’s character seems to be unprecedented. It is obvious the President is thinking about the upcoming presidential election in fall. To prepare for the election, he has to consider the Republican Party’s strategy on how to defeat the Democratic Party’s candidate, and political campaigns in those states led by the Democratic Party’s governors. We merely know him through the media and we do not know what the President is really thinking. The only thing I can say is that his political tactics are far from common sense. Does it mean he is brave, or reckless? It can be his political strength, but at the same time, it gives many people a sense of apprehension.

Judging from the current situation of the spread of the new coronavirus infection in the US, I personally think President Trump’s decision to resume normal economic activities is too early. How about the opinions of the readers of my blog? What would the Japanese politicians feel about President Trump’s statement?