A draft proposal for the English proficiency tests for the standardized university entrance examinations has been announced by the working group of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

投稿日:2020年3月10日 更新日:

The LDP’s working group on the English proficiency tests for the standardized university entrance examinations, which I serve as a leader, has reviewed the existing English proficiency tests and discussed pros and cons of those tests, visited high schools and universities, and held hearings from the institutions and experts involved for the past three months since last December. As a result, our working group has reached a tentative conclusion and announced the draft proposal for the English proficiency tests.

Main points of the draft proposal are as follows: (1) in order to foster international citizens, English education based on four skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing—in a well-balanced manner is essential; (2) for this purpose, the English proficiency tests for university entrance examinations play a great role in evaluating the examinees’ English skills; (3) with regard to the English proficiency tests, it is prerequisite for each university to prepare and conduct the test on its own initiative and make the best use of outside professional institutions to supplement its efforts; and (4) the government’s due consideration is required to prevent regional and economic disparities among the examinees.

This draft will be finalized as the LDP’s proposal soon, and it will be submitted to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It will be discussed in the Diet as a national educational system in due course. I am pleased to be able to contribute to the betterment of education for future generations.