“I will work hard with an aim to join the Cabinet once more,” I greeted to my supporters at my office on the first working day of the year Reiwa 2 (2020).

投稿日:2020年1月4日 更新日:

Every year January 4 is the first working day of my office. Many leaders and members of my supporters’ group gathered together in my office. It was really a lively gathering appropriate to the beginning of the year. In my speech, I mentioned that I was able to perform a big task as Minister of the Environment last year thanks to the supporters’ cooperation, and I myself made my best efforts to carry out my missions. Specifically, I referred to the following issues: taking measures to reduce CO2 emissions, controlling coal-fired thermal power generation, charging a tax on plastic shopping bags, taking measures towards the reduction of fluorocarbon gases, developing environment-friendly hydrogen energy, and coping with marine plastic pollution. In addition, I mentioned that my remarks on the need for discharging the treated waters—stored at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station—into the Pacific Ocean gave a strong impact to the decision-makers, and that the issue of the Japanese government (the Ministry of Defense)’s purchase of Mageshima Island in Nishinoomote City, Kagoshima Prefecture, which I was involved as a coordinator, was finally resolved between the government and the island owner company at the end of November last year. Furthermore, I referred to my efforts to actively express my views on diplomatic issues and higher education issues, etc., serving as Acting Chairperson, General Council in the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

I distinctly spoke to my supporters that I am aware that my political reputation is growing and I believe that it is my duty to the Japanese people that I work as Cabinet Minister for the second time and the third time, and I declared that I would aim to be reelected in the general election of members of the House of Representatives which will be held probably this fall. I received loud applause from the attendees.