Visit to Yi Fang Group’s office in Beijing City

投稿日:2019年12月22日 更新日:

I am now in China on some missions. In Beijing, I visited Yi Fang Group’s office located in Tongzhou in the suburbs of the city. Yi Fang Group consists of more than 20 companies in the fields of investment, medical/healthcare, culture/ entertainment/sports and real estate development, and it has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and also outside China.

I was briefed by the staff at the office on their large-scale medical project which aims to integrally manage medical treatment, nursing care, and public welfare services. Predicting that China will become a super-aging society in the near future, as Japan is currently facing, this grand project is designed to prepare for the looming issues of aging. They are now looking for cooperation with Japan’s leading companies.

After I came back to Beijing, I visited the Forbidden City. A guide explained to me a brief history of the Forbidden City, and I was impressed by the solemn building.