The Conservative Party led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won a large majority in the House of Commons General Election in the United Kingdom (UK).

投稿日:2019年12月14日 更新日:

The prolonged debate on Brexit—the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) —for several years seems to have come to a conclusion to accomplish Brexit as a result of the Conservative Party’s landslide victory in the House of Commons General Election which was held on December 12. Prior to the election, the parliament of the House was dissolved on November 6. At the election, the Conservative Party, which had asserted Brexit, gained 365 seats, and the Labour Party 203 seats, and thus, the Conservative Party won securing more than 326 seats needed to form a majority administration.

When Boris Johnson appeared in the limelight of the political world as the Prime Minister and as the Conservative Party Leader after he succeeded Mrs. Theresa May in July, he looked full of vigor but I was surprised at his reckless leadership and the operation of the parliament which did not seem to do much groundwork behind the scenes. In particular, I could not avoid feeling a sense of apprehension when he suddenly made an announcement to propose the dissolution of the parliament and the calling of the general election. However, his proposals were approved by the parliament and put into practice, and he won a landslide victory in the election after all. It came to me that this is the real politics by a political leader.

More than three years have passed since Brexit was approved by the national referendum on the UK membership in the EU which was held in 2016. Nonetheless, political decisions on this issue have gone in a zigzag. I guess many people in the UK are going through a hard time. Since the UK’s decision on Brexit will have a great effect on the Japanese industry, I hope this issue will be resolved as soon as possible.