The economic mission of Shandong Province in China visited Japan to promote economic exchanges between the two countries.

投稿日:2019年12月7日 更新日:

To promote economic exchanges with the Japanese business community, an economic mission of Shandong province of China visited Japan. Their aim was to promote the Japanese companies’ investment in the province, and they were very active in fulfilling the purpose. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) played a role of the counterpart for the mission, although this activity had previously been initiated by my office. The Chinese mission’s vitality was just amazing to us.

I delivered a welcome speech to the economic mission on behalf of the Japanese guests. Shandong Province is located in the eastern edge of China separated from the Korean Peninsula and the Japan Islands by sea. The province has a population of 100 million, and is one of the richest provinces in China. It is also famous for having produced such historical philosophers as Confucius, Mencius and Sun Tzu. In view of these achievements of the province, it is quite understandable that the central government of China has been strongly supporting the province.