Hong Kong’s pro-democracy groups gained a landslide victory in the district council elections.

投稿日:2019年11月27日 更新日:

Hong Kong’s 18 district council elections, which attracted worldwide attention, were held on November 24, and pro-democracy groups gained more than 80% of 452 seats which were directly elected by the people out of the total available seats of 479. (The remaining 27 are allocated to representatives of rural districts.) As a result, pro-democracy groups overwhelmed pro-Beijing parties.

The district council elections are said to be the only democratic election system in Hong Kong where the people can vote directly, unlike other election systems such as the election of Chief Executive of Hong Kong where the leader is elected by the election committee.

The result of the district council elections must have given a shock not only to the Hong Kong government but also to the Chinese government. It will also give a strong impact on the future political system and democratic election of Hong Kong.




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