A ceremony to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Opening of Tachiarai Airport and the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation of Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum was held in Chikuzen Town, Fukuoka Prefecture, on October 14.

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Tachiarai Airport was located in the vast area of land which extended across the borders of the current Tachiarai Town, Chikuzen Town, and Asakura City. The airport was opened 100 years ago. During the Second World War, it was operated as the Japanese Imperial Army’s largest military airport. Many Kamikaze suicide corps, pilots of which were all young soldiers, were dispatched from this airport to the battle fields to perform suicide attacks against the US Military forces. However, in 1945, when the War was about to end, the airport was completely destroyed by the US military forces’ large-scale air raids. Consequently, it caused a lot of casualties among civilians as well as soldiers. The name Tachiarai Airport has been handed down from generation to generation as the place of tragedy.

Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum was officially opened by Chikuzen Town ten years ago to hand down the historical tragedy and lessons of Tachiarai Airport to our descendants. It is said that more than 1.3 million people have visited the museum. Chikuzen Town is famous for its promotion of agricultural products and ‘peace movement’. I am proud of having cooperated with the Town in its activities.




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