Visit to Shanghai, China, to attend a conference to promote international cooperation on hydrogen energy

投稿日:2019年9月25日 更新日:

Many countries are now promoting the research and development of hydrogen energy, and China is also willing to advance its own technologies. I was invited by a group of Shanghai Jiao Tong University to attend its conference on hydrogen energy. First of all, in my speech, I briefed the audience about the Japanese government’s overall policies on environment, and then referred to the measures against global warming and the need of renewable energy. In particular, I stressed the importance of developing hydrogen energy as pro-environmental energy, and informed the audience of a co-research which the Ministry of the Environment and Kyushu University have started. I also mentioned that the co-research team visited France and Germany in May to make a field survey. Finally, I promised them to do my best to promote mutual cooperation on hydrogen energy between the two countries.

It goes without saying that China has achieved remarkable economic growth with its nation’s tremendous efforts, and their willingness to develop the technologies of hydrogen energy is worthy of praise. Mutual cooperation between Japan and China not only in this field of hydrogen energy but also in other fields is expected to increase rapidly. I believe Japan must organize its domestic systems and get ready for the cooperation.

In the afternoon, I visited Rugao City which is located three hours away from Shanghai City by car. Rugao is a small city and maybe not so famous, but it has a population of 1.5 million and is just as industrialized as Shenzhen City. The outline of the city’s industries was presented to me. The city was full of vigor, and I was impressed by the city in the sense that many local cities like Rugao are building the fundamental socio-economic structure of China.

I will attend the dinner party tonight, and participate in tomorrow’s conference on hydrogen energy.