A group of elementary school pupils visited my office.

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A group of elementary school pupils visited my office to discuss issues on environment as part of their extracurricular activities. They asked me the questions they prepared in advance, and I replied to each question to the best of my knowledge in easy words, but sometimes I had to sweat to answer some challenging questions.

They asked me, for example, “What kind of work are you doing as the Minister?”, “How can we take away all plastic waste?”, and “What should we, as elementary school pupils, do to improve the situation?”

Through the discussions, I conveyed my thoughts to the children that environmental problems should be tackled not only by the government and other concerned organizations but also by each and every individual in the country. It is necessary for children to clean up their own surroundings for a start, and I also introduced them the beach clean-up activities held on various coasts as an example of an activity in which they could consider participating.




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