I mentioned at the press conference yesterday that the introduction of carbon pricing is now under examination.

投稿日:2019年7月30日 更新日:

At the regular press conference held on July 29, I mentioned that we would examine the introduction of the so-called carbon pricing. Since this is a controversial issue in both political and social aspects, arguments are expected to arise among not only the Diet members but also among the citizens.

A meeting was held on July 25 by the Sub-Committee on the Utilization of Carbon Pricing, Global Environment Committee, under the Central Environment Council of the Ministry of the Environment, where the summary of the many discussions on carbon pricing that were carried out for the past year was reported. In this report, different opinions from various fields and levels of society concerning the issues regarding the introduction of carbon pricing were summarized. In conclusion, the opinions remained divided, and thus, a concrete direction was not decided. I agreed to examine the report from the viewpoint of the environmental policy.

In view of climate change, Paris agreement, and the Japanese government’s environmental policy, I believe that it will be necessary for us to start detailed examinations of this issue from now on. To promote the carbon pricing, I am always keeping in my mind the vision of ‘the virtuous circle for environment and economy’ (consistency between the environmental policy and economy).