Parasols for Men!

投稿日:2019年7月23日 更新日:

Mr. Kazuhiro Miyatake is the owner of his family business dealing with Western umbrellas which has been handed down through successive generations in Osaka. He has continued steadily the activities of a group that promotes the use of parasols by men for 20 years. A Japanese celebrity named Goro Inagaki is also said to be fond of using parasols. I came across a newspaper column about Mr. Miyatake and invited him to my office to have a talk about ‘parasols for men’. Since I became considerably famous as a man using a parasol, it did not take long for us to reach our mutual understanding.

First we both agreed that the use of parasols by men is an ace in the hole for preventing intense heat of summer. While the use of parasols by women is regarded as a beautiful custom in Japanese culture, the use of parasols by men can also become a new, valuable custom. Nowadays, many people drive cars in their daily lives, but they might want to incorporate exercise into their daily routine, and use pedometers to track their daily steps for example, and men’s parasol can be practical. It contributes to advancing their health and preventing intense summer heat. It may even become the new fashion among men.

After the meeting finished, we decided to strengthen the group to promote the use of parasols by men. My Ministry would also like to help the group with their activities. Parasols for Men!