The House of Councilors election ended on July 21. I am grateful to those who voted for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)’s candidates.

投稿日:2019年7月22日 更新日:

The House of Councilors election to elect 124 out of the House’s 245 members ended on July 21. I visited my colleagues’ electoral districts throughout Japan to support their election campaigns at the request of the LDP’s headquarters. Since there were so many districts to visit, unfortunately I had no time to return to my own electoral district in Fukuoka. In my colleagues’ districts, I gave speeches to the public to explain the LDP’s policies and to help make the candidates known to as many people as possible. As Minister of the Environment, I took this opportunity to ask for public cooperation in coping with global environmental issues such as global warming, marine plastic pollution, and the ban on free plastic bags at stores.

Election results are always ruthless. Many of the LDP’s candidates won this election, but some were defeated. We should modestly accept the voters’ judgement, and make the most of it in the national policies with sincerity. I believe this is the fundamental role of a democratic election.

It has turned out that the ruling coalition led by the LDP in the House of Councilors secured a comfortable majority, enough to keep its stable position. I have learned a lot from this election. Now I am determined to prepare for the forthcoming House of Representatives election.




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