Visited the war memorials on the Ioto Islands.

投稿日:2019年7月1日 更新日:

Since there is no air flight between the Ogasawara Islands and Tokyo, on my way back to Tokyo on June 30, I dropped in the Ioto Islands (or the Iwo Jima) by the Air Self-Defense Force’s helicopter. The flight was about two hours from the Ogasawara Islands.

The Ioto Islands were wasted by the most tragic battle between the armies of the US and Japan in the Pacific War. Also known as the Battle of Iwo Jima, both armies fought the fierce battle, and it was in fact the last battle in the War. The number of the Japanese war dead is said to be as many as 20,000, and most of them were young soldiers.

I visited the war memorials and prayed that each soldier’s soul rests in peace. We should not forget that the soldiers sacrificed their lives for their homeland. I also prayed for the American war dead.