The ‘Fukuoka Assembly to Discuss Japan with Yoshiaki Harada’ was fruitful. I am grateful to all participants.

投稿日:2019年2月18日 更新日:

The headline assembly ended as a great success. And, once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants. Many people took part in this assembly for the first time, and some came from quite a distance. They encouraged me to confidently continue with my activities as a political leader. Vice Prime Minister Taro Aso and honorable guests also offered encouraging words in their speeches.

In my speech, first of all, I emphasized my determination as Minister of the Environment. Then I briefly explained to the audience the current state of international political affairs. The political situation inside and outside Japan is in confusion and uncertainty, I stressed.

Complicated and difficult issues to be solved have piled up—for example, the respective issues between Japan-South Korea, Japan-China, Japan-Russia, the US-China, and the US-North Korea. Furthermore, these issues include the behavior of US President Trump and Nissan Motor Former Chairman Carlos Ghosn, along with confusion in the Japanese Diet. I wish I could comment on all these issues and bring my expertise to bear on diplomacy and security issues. However, from my current standpoint as a member of the Cabinet, I rather hesitate to do so. I hope that I will be able to recall these issues some day in the future.

Lastly, I would like to quote from a speech by Mr. Takao Saito, a famous Diet member before the Second World War. He said, “A politician should be a candle, lighting up the State by devoting himself to it.” I will make every effort to promote our political activities for the sake of the State.

This year is full of elections, and the name of our current era will be changed. I have therefore reaffirmed the necessity of my continued efforts to devote myself to the nation.