Osaka Junior Chamber (Osaka JC)’s activities to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs)

投稿日:2019年1月10日 更新日:

I delivered a lecture on Japan’s environmental policy at the New Year’s party of Osaka JC, and after my lecture was over, I exchanged greetings with members of Osaka JC and guests at the reception.

Osaka JC, as well as Japan Junior Chamber (Japan JC), aims at promoting its activities focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this year. These activities are truly consistent with the Japanese government’s guidelines to implement the environmental policy, and therefore, my further explanation about the significance of the guidelines was deemed to be most timely for Osaka JC members to listen to.

Osaka JC consists of more than 1,000 members, and if you count the members of its alumni association, they will surely be incredibly powerful and influential. If they take part in Osaka JC’s activities to promote the UN SDGs, it will surely be a great support for the Japanese government in exercising the environmental policy guidelines mentioned above. I will be grateful to them for such efforts.

I had met with the members of Osaka JC for the first time, and I learnt that the Osaka citizens were very excited about Osaka, Kansai EXPO 2025 which was officially decided in November 2018.

As I was also a member of the alumni association of Kawasaki JC, I am considerably familiar with the activities of Junior Chamber of Commerce. After I actively worked for Kawasaki JC for 5 to 6 years until the age of 40, I ran for the House of Representatives in its general election. I have been keeping in touch with all my friends of those years until now.

After the reception, I attended a meeting with Mr. Torii, Vice Chairman of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Vice Chairman of Suntory Holdings Ltd., and Mr. Kojima, President of Osaka JC, to discuss the current environmental issues. This meeting was arranged by the local magazine. We had heated discussions on various environmental issues.




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