Future design of Dazaifu City in Fukuoka Prefecture which embraces many universities.

投稿日:2018年12月10日 更新日:

.In Dazaifu City, composed of many universities, an annual joint campus festival of 6 to 7 universities was held. In cooperation with these universities and other various organizations, Mayor Kusuda is now planning to revitalize this city and inform as many people as possible in and out of Japan of the valuable history, culture and nature of this city. Unfortunately many of the citizens in Dazaifu City are unaware of how valuable the historic ruins in this city are. (For further information, please see an article titled, ‘The 50th Anniversary of the Excavation of the Dazaifu Government Office in Kyushu Region’ dated November 12, 2018 in this blog.)

At the ceremony of this festival, I made the following speech: “In recent years, many teenagers are very active in various fields of activities. For example, Fujii Sota-kun in Shogi (Japanese Chess), Harimoto Tomokazu-kun in table tennis, and many 15 to 16-year-old boys and girls are now leading figures in swimming and figure skating. The previous concept of ‘youth’ has entirely been changed. It is not a rare case any more for a university student to start his or her own business and succeed in it. I strongly recommend you all, as university students, to brush up your specialty, and whenever you think there is a chance, how about practicing the skill in the society? I believe that Dazaifu City has the capacity to accept your trials.”

Last but not least, I did not forget to mention the importance of environmental policies.