Financial education for high school students

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Financial education for high school students

It is said that most of the Japanese people are not familiar with international finance, and because of this, a sense of uncertainty about this country’s future economy is heightening. In fact, the international finance center is shifting to Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Under such situation, the activity for ‘Finance Education for High School Students’ , which aims to teach them basic knowledge about finance, international finance, and international politics, has been promoted for many years. For example, competitive examinations to test their knowledges about these subjects have been carried out throughout Japan several times a year. This activity is supported by Japanese Bankers Association, local banks, and local credit banks.

I have participated in this activity for many years. Executives of the association engaging in this activity have visited my office today, one of whom was Ms. Tomoyo Nonaka, a well-known former TV newscaster.