My official visits to the disaster areas caused by the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant [No.2]

投稿日:2018年10月11日 更新日:

I returned to Tokyo yesterday (October 9) to attend the Cabinet meeting held on the morning of October 10, and visited Fukushima Prefecture again by Shinkansen (bullet train) in the afternoon. I met with the mayor and the chairman of the assembly of Tomioka Town. I paid my respects to them for their efforts to restore the Town, and promised them to further strengthen our mutual communication. Later, I visited the huge ‘Landfill Site for the Disposal of the Specific Waste’ and the information center called ‘Ripurun Fukushima’ (a coined expression developed from an English word, ‘reproduce’) which is established to disseminate the significance of the site to the public. I was accompanied by Mr. Tsukasa Akimoto, Senior Vice-Minister, and Mr. Ichiro Kanke, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of the Environment.





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