A Japanese private organization’s program on medical cooperation with Changchun City, Jilin Province, China [No.1]

投稿日:2018年9月29日 更新日:

A Japanese private organization’s program on medical cooperation with Changchun City, Jilin Province in the north-east region in China has been set. This program has been materialized by the idea of Mr. Jitsu Kyu who is a young Chinese businessman (Please note that this is a Japanese pronunciation of his name). Mr. Kyu was born and brought up in Changchun City, and is slightly less than 30 years old. He is a young man of vitality, doing his business both in China and Japan. Probably, it is because his father is a great businessman in Changchun City. He graduated from a Japanese high school, and is excellent in Japanese. I wish many Japanese young people would follow his example. He has come to see me at my office frequently for the past several years, and this program has fully been explained to me. Thus, I am willing to assist him in promoting this program.

Through the exchange of activities between medical institutions and individuals as well as investors in Japan and Changchun City, this program aims to promote the following projects: (1) the introduction of Japanese medical facilities including hospitals, and medical groups and associations to Chinese patients; (2) the construction of medical facilities in Changchun City; and (3) the care of patients on both sides by conducting mutual medical tours.

At present, Japan cannot overcome the national issue of an aging population and the decreasing birthrate, not to mention the decrease in the whole population. However, the Japanese people are enjoying highly advanced medical and welfare systems in terms of the international standards. In fact, many people in China and the developing countries are visiting Japan to observe those systems. We should receive them politely and respond to their questions, if any, precisely.





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