The new cold war between the US and China  

投稿日:2018年9月1日 更新日:

The negotiation between the US and North Korea on North Korea’s denuclearization has not moved forward yet. North Korea has not changed anything since the summit meeting between the US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un which was held on June 12. Taking this reality into account, President Trump has recently suspended Secretary of State Pompeo’s planned visit to North Korea. In addition, the President has warned North Korea that the US will resume the US-South Korea’s joint military exercises, regardless of the agreement reached by the US and South Korea in June to suspend more joint military exercises.

President Trump has expressed his distrust of China and his complaints about China’s unfairness in the trade war between the two countries, stressing on his Twitter that China, which exists behind North Korea, is interfering with North Korea’s denuclearization, and still continues its economic support to North Korea. As always, I cannot help thinking that the President is pure and honest. It is obvious that, from the viewpoint of China, North Korea is the same country as China – in other words, North Korea is entirely under the umbrella of China, so what kind of favor does President Trump expect China to do for the US? In my view, China’s President Xi Jinping must be pretending to be at a loss what to do, but knows what China should do. President Trump’s diplomacy based on his Twitter cannot compete with China’s diplomatic strategy based on its history of 3,000 years. Then, what should Japan and its friendly countries do? We, Japan, together with our friendly countries, should establish firm strategies to defend our own countries in the interstices of the relationship between the US and China.

I am now planning to publish a book titled, ‘The new cold war between the US and China, and China’s threat’. Your comments are most welcome.