The history of the relationship between the Korean Peninsula and Japan concerning Japan’s building the Mizuki Embankment in the old location of Dazaifu and Onojo Cities in Fukuoka Prefecture in the mid-7th century [No.2] A folktale of the Mizuki Embankment and tears

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When the Mizuki Embankment was under construction, there were two foreigners, a father and his son, working diligently on the construction site of the Mikasa River, part of the Mizuki Embankment. They came to Japan as refugees from the Kingdom of Baekje on the Korean Peninsula, and changed their names to Japanese names. Some rude villagers looked down on them as aliens and vulgar men, but the village chief and other villagers talked to them in a gentle manner.

At the time of almost the completion of the construction, a flood disaster suddenly occurred, and the construction site was destroyed and heavily damaged. At last, the village chief was arrested for his failure in the construction. The damages were ordered to be repaired and restored hastily, but the father proposed, “‘Mokuhi’ – a drainpipe made of wood to drain water – should be constructed because even if we repair the damages, the Embankment will be destroyed again without the Mokuhi.” Thanks to this new construction method, the heavily damaged Embankment was splendidly restored.

As a result, the village chief was released, and the said father and his son were specially commended by the county mayor. This entirely-restored Embankment is often called, a ‘Teteko-jima (a father and his son’s island)’.

When some villagers blamed the father and the son and made such irresponsible remarks as “You guys have abandoned your own country!” the son replied, crying and trembling, “We love our own country, but it has been destroyed and disappeared. We have no place to return.” This scene was the highlight of the drama presented on the stage.

—Please refer to the brochure of a drama titled, ‘Teteko-jima Ibun (A curious tale of the island of a father and his son)’ presented by the theatrical group of Maigo (Missing children)-za, Onojo City.





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