Ceremonies were held to mourn for the victims of torrential rains which hit northern Kyushu.

投稿日:2018年7月5日 更新日:

One year has passed since torrential rains hit northern Kyushu on July 5, last year. Local residents in the disaster areas have been suffering from severe damages since then. Vivid scars of the damages still remain. Temporary repairs of the damages have already been completed, thanks to the close cooperation among the central government, prefectural governments, and municipalities. However, a full-fledged recovery, restoration works and the necessary institutional arrangements have just begun.

Ceremonies to mourn for the victims of the disasters were solemnly held today at Haki, Asakura City and in Toho Village, Fukuoka Prefecture. I attended the ceremony held at Haki, Asakura City, and gave a memorial address for the victims. I also expressed my deepest sympathy with those who had faced serious hardships in coping with severe damages, and promised them to do my best to take all necessary measures for the restoration of Asakura City and Toho village. At the end of the ceremony, a chorus of Asakura High School students sang ‘Asakura Sanka (a song in praise of Asakura).’ All of us declared to firmly protect our hometown, Asakura. It was a year with full of sorrow.

33 people died in Asakura City, and 3 persons in Toho Village with 2 persons missing.





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