The US Trump’s summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was over. At the dawn of their new relationship.

投稿日:2018年6月14日 更新日:

With the closing of the US-North Korea summit, various comments have been reported through the mass media. Comparatively, negative comments seemed to exceed favorable ones. Some of the favorable comments were as follows: the summit was a great success, it was well done, and it was worth the Nobel Peace Prize, with considerable exaggeration.

On the other hand, such negative comments were made as follows: the summit did not decide North Korea’s formulation of the detailed action program on its denuclearization, President Trump committed to providing security guarantees to North Korea, eased the US maximum pressure mainly through its sanctions on North Korea, and abruptly decided to suspend the US military exercises with South Korea. There was criticism that President Trump was too conciliatory to North Korea. When President Trump announced that all the cost of North Korea’s denuclearization would be borne by South Korea and Japan, both countries must have been astonished. It was really a performance which President Trump had played. After the summit, President Trump left Singapore gallantly.

Nonetheless, the fact that President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was very significant both historically and globally. Nobody except President Trump could have had this summit. Particularly, no one could have prepared such maximum pressure mainly through the sanctions on North Korea as President Trump had declared prior to the summit. There is no ‘if’ in history or diplomacy, and therefore, Japan should cope with the forthcoming issues on North Korea based on the due consideration of its status quo. The Japanese abduction issue is supposed to have been discussed between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, but it was merely for formality. As a result, Japan has been forced to solve the issue alone, and we should accept the fact that we have to solve the issue on our own.

I repeat that China exists behind North Korea. We should not forget that for his round trip to attend the summit in Singapore, Kim Jong-un used a Chinese airplane instead of his usual old airplane.




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