Prime Minister Mahathir, a ‘philosopher’, encouraged the Japanese Diet members.

投稿日:2018年6月13日 更新日:

Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir visited Japan, and greeted the Diet members of both the ruling and opposition parties at the auditorium of the Diet Members’ Office Building. Dr. Mahathir served as the Prime Minister of Malaysia for 22 years from 1981 to 2003, and this year in May, 15 years after his retirement, Dr. Mahathir, at the age of 92, returned to power after his coalition won the politically confused election. He is hale and hearty, and worthy of being called a ‘philosopher’. In his greeting, he encouraged us, members of the Diet, to work hard for a new era of Japan. .

In his previous term, Prime Minister Mahathir devoted himself to the development of Malaysia, and launched the policy on “Look East (Learn from Japan).” Even after his policy got on the right track, he has continued, as a pro-Japanese, to encourage the people of Japan and provide advice on our economy which is on the decline.

In response to the question on how he keeps his good health, Prime Minister Mahathir commented, “I am a Doctor,” and added, “I am trying to have a balanced diet. It is because my mother was always telling me not to overeat, especially delicious food.”

At the time of his passing in front of me, I received a handshake. His hand was soft and warm.




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