The Historic US-North Korea Summit

投稿日:2018年6月12日 更新日:

The historic summit between the US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was held in Singapore on June 12. It was very significant that both leaders had met for the first time, drawing the attention of the whole world. Everything concerning the summit proceeded smoothly as scheduled, and the US-North Korea’s joint statement was announced. However, with regard to the most serious theme of the ‘denuclearization’, neither a detailed method nor its schedule was presented.


The summit was performed as if it were played like a drama at the grand theater. We cannot help but say that President Trump must have been conscious of this fall’s midterm elections. Has the Japanese abduction issue really been discussed between the two leaders?


Nonetheless, it is a good sign that an alleviation of tensions under the current world security had started.




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