The US-North Korea summit is just around the corner. China’s threat should not be underestimated.

投稿日:2018年6月11日 更新日:

The summit between the US President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will be held tomorrow, June 12. While the concerned countries’ strategies and intentions differ, and speculations and presumptions of other countries closely related to them also vary, the summit will definitely advance in a positive direction from the viewpoint of the world security. North Korea’s denuclearization will step forward, and reconciliation between North and South Korea will advance. It is, therefore, expected that the tension between Japan and North Korea regarding the security issue will be alleviated.

Furthermore, if the peace treaty between North and South Korea is concluded and the Korean War Armistice Agreement, which is still valid, is terminated, the issue that the US will lose its justification for the US troops stationing in South Korea and Japan will be discussed in a realistic manner. If both countries, South and North Korea, move toward their reunification, the question will arise as to whether the current South Korea led by Moon Jae-in will really remain as a conservative political power. If North Korea is inclined to be obedient to China, China’s influence on the Korean Peninsula will be stronger. How will that affect Japan?

China’s threat against Japan should not be underestimated. We should keep it in the depth of our mind when we deal with the Korean issue.




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