Tulsa City, Oklahoma State (Part 2)

投稿日:2018年5月5日 更新日:

I was very busy with many activities within limited days of staying at Tulsa City. Some 15 classmates at the time of my completion of a foreign student exchange program at Edison High School, accompanied by their spouses, gathered together. We got old and many of the classmates retired from their work. I made a speech that I intend to work for my country for the rest of my life. We exchanged our greetings with each other, and parted, promising to meet again in good health.

The Tulsa World, a local newspaper in Tulsa, interviewed me during my stay, and the article describing my political career under the title of ‘Return to U.S. Home’, together with my photograph, appeared on its front page on the following morning. Curtis Shacklett, my late host parents’ son who is like my real brother, explained to the interviewer saying, “Yoshi (Yoshiaki) was always saying that he would become the Prime Minister of Japan when he was a student of Edison High School. Though it has not been realized yet, he is now on the way.” Having read this article, many friends called me on the phone or sent me e-mails.

I was requested by Edison High School to give a lecture to the 11th graders (second grade in Japanese high school) in the class of history and society. I was at a loss as to what kind of topic would be suitable for these young students, but I decided to lecture on the relationship between the US and Japan in an easy and simple way for an hour. I hope my lecture was useful to the students.





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