I visited the grave of my late host parents in Tulsa City, Oklahoma State (Part 1)

投稿日:2018年5月4日 更新日:

Tulsa City is located in Oklahoma State to the northeast of Texas. It has a population of about 300,000. 55 years ago, I studied at Edison High School in Tulsa City as a foreign student for one year, and I was taken care of by the late Mr. and Mrs. Shacklett, my host family at that time. When I visited their home this time, it was the same old house where I stayed for a year. Curtis, who is Mr. and Mrs. Shacklett’s son and is the same age as I am, together with his wife, heartedly welcomed me. 20 years had passed since I last visited Tulsa City, my home town.

First of all, I visited the grave of the late Mr. and Mrs. Shacklett. They took care of me and loved me, a foreign youngster who came to Tulsa in 1963 from as far afield as Japan. I have been respecting them like my real parents.

They sleep in the grave surrounded by a vast green area under warm sunshine. I quietly sat on the lawn for a while, looking back on my past high school days in Tulsa, and reported to them my later life. My host father would always encourage me wittily whenever I was depressed. My host mother was extremely kind, and I could always consult with her about my school affairs, my friends, my health, and everything. Based on her conversations with me, Mrs. Inez Shacklett published a book titled, “YOSHI DOODLE CAME TO TOWN – So East and West Have Met.” YOSHI is my nickname.




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