International Youth Activities in Yoron Island and Letters of Appreciation

投稿日:2018年4月14日 更新日:

Over 200 Japanese and American primary school children participated in the Joint Training Program which was held in Yoron Island, Kagoshima Prefecture in late March. It is one of the yearly activities implemented by International Youth Association of Japan, K.S.K.K. I am serving as chairman of this association.

This program has been carried out for the past 42 years. Thanks to the local people’s cooperation and the association staff’s efforts, this program has been successful over the years. Nowadays, young people, most of whom used to participate in the program when they were children, are active in promoting the program as leaders or supporters.

We had a meeting to review the program at a restaurant in Tokyo this evening. While they were enjoying drinks after the meal, I handed over a letter of appreciation to each of those who had contributed to the program, expressing my sincere gratitude. (Please refer to my article of April 3.)




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