The South Korean Diet members plan to land on the Takeshima Island.

投稿日:2018年4月11日 更新日:

The South Korean government notified the Japanese government of the Diet members’ plan to land on the Takeshima Island next week. To discuss this issue, the committee on foreign affairs of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) was held. It seems that these South Korean Diet members decided to take this action to protest against Japanese school textbooks which claim that “Takeshima Island is being illegally occupied by South Korea.” After discussion, the committee decided to request the Japanese government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest against their action to the South Korean government.

Some said that the LDP committee’s protest will probably be disregarded by the South Korean government as usual, and some members even suggested that the Japanese government should appeal to the International Court of Justice, but the committee decided to request Minister of Foreign Affairs Kono to visit South Korea and make a strong protest to the South Korean government.




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