“Prime Minister Abe should not attend the opening ceremony of Winter Olympics.” Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)

投稿日:2018年1月25日 更新日:

According to the Sankei and the Yomiuri dated January 24, Prime Minister Abe announced to attend the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics. Following this news, at the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs of the LDP held on the same day, all members who attended the joint committee were of the view that the Prime Minister should not attend the opening ceremony.
On the contrary, about two weeks before the Joint committee was held, the Prime Minister had announced to be absent from the opening ceremony to express his intention to protest against the South Korean government’s decision of denying the agreement on the comfort women issue contracted between Japan and South Korea (the former government).
The Prime Minister withdrew his former statement. It seemed to be a big change in the Japanese government’s policy. We, members of the joint committee had not been informed of it in advance. The committee members’ opinions are summarized as follows: If Prime Minister Abe attends the opening ceremony, his participation in the ceremony itself will be manipulated by both governments of South Korea and North Korea intending to make use of the Winter Olympics for the political purpose, and the Japanese government will be compelled to admit their manipulation. In my opinion, since scores of members are opposing the Prime Minister’s attendance in the opening ceremony, the LDP’s position to be opposed to his attendance should be clarified, and therefore, I proposed that the joint committee’s resolution to that effect should be submitted to the Prime Minister’s office.
Since Prime Minister Abe announced his attendance in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics at the press interview, he himself will make a final decision. I am afraid that the Japanese diplomacy is lacking in its decision – making process.