“Russia and China are competitive powers to the U.S.” President Trump’s new national security strategy

投稿日:2017年12月23日 更新日:

President Trump has announced a new national security strategy which becomes a direction for the U.S. security policy. Calling China and Russia as revisionist powers which shape a world antithetical to the interests and values of the U.S., the President has expressed his apprehension about the return of former competitions among the big powers, and therefore, specified in the strategy to strengthen its diplomacy and military increasing the military budget. The President seems to keep in his mind China’s incursions and invasions in the South China Sea and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, he is appealing the strengthening of the U.S. alliance with Japan and Australia, and its close partnership with India. It is quite a natural direction.
However, President Trump has been restless and unstable since he was inaugurated as President a year ago. His strategy to counter the threats of North Korea has been appropriate, but his actions have not been stable because of his dependence on Russia and China, particularly, China excessively. Nonetheless, at least, the President has known that real competitive powers are Russia and China, and this point could ease the anxiety of the people in the world about his announcement of the U.S. new national security strategy.




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