Okinawa People’s Cries and Tears

投稿日:2017年12月20日 更新日:

At the meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)’s Research Commission on Security, Japan’s security policies in the future were discussed. Several days ago, parts resembling a U.S. military helicopter’s window frame fell onto the grounds of an elementary school in Ginowan City in Okinawa. It is said that the accident was caused by a pilot’s carelessness. School children were playing on the grounds at that time, and they barely escaped from the accident. The staff of the Ministry of Defense explained in detail the causes of the accident and measures to prevent the recurrence of it. They also said that they protested against the accident with the U.S. army. However, there was nothing appealing to me in their words
Chairman Teruya of the Federation of Okinawa Prefecture LDP Branches specially attended the meeting, and appealing to other members the current severe situation of Okinawa’s security (He is also a member of the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly.) His appeal was deemed to represent the voices of people suffering from continuous accidents in Okinawa. He explained, “Nobody believes that the U.S. army will defend Okinawa. How many U.S. army’s accidents and troubles have we suffered from? How harshly have citizens in Okinawa been treated by the U.S. army? Daily newspapers write these matters as top headlines in an exaggerated way. They write that it is the Liberal Democratic Party to be blamed. Under such circumstances, we, members of the LDP, cannot win the elections. We were defeated in the recent election of members of the House of Representatives. From now on, there will be the elections of Mayor and that of Prefectural Governor.”
I feel sorry for him. It is a pity that neither the Government nor the LDP headquarters can do anything for those candidates for the forthcoming elections. Responding to him that we understand the current situation in Okinawa, there is no other way but praying them to do the best for the country and the nation in order to rescue Okinawa.




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