Looking for ‘Green Father’ who has been famous in India

投稿日:2017年12月16日 更新日:

On the third day of the General Assembly of the Global Partnership Summit, I decided to look for the origin of Green Father’s afforestation project. In New Delhi, I headed north travelling by car on the highway. After passing 50-60 km, I saw eucalyptus trees being lined up along both sides of the highway. Although a eucalyptus tree originally does not adapt itself to the soil around here, heavenly eucalyptus trees were lined up everywhere. I thought that it was really the idea of ‘Green Father’, that is, the late Mr. Tatsumaru Sugiyama.
I could manage to meet Dr. Parbodh C. Sharma, Director of ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, but as this story was old, he did not know the late Mr. Sugiyama. He talked with many people over the phone, and recommended me to contact some people. At last, I arrived at a small village named, ‘Swakhom Jilla,’ at about 9 o’clock at night. I traveled 300 km by car from New Delhi to this place. I met Mr. Gurmail Singh who seemed to be a village chief. On the list of visitors, many Japanese visitors’ names and their brief descriptions of impressions on the late Mr. Sugiyama were recorded. Next to his house, there was an elementary school, and on its grounds, a linden tree, which the late Mr. Sugiyama was supposed to plant, had already grown up to be a large tree. I supposed that ancestors of these village people assisted him, and living in this village, he was devoting his life to the afforestation project of the waste land of several hundred kilometers square.
Many unknown facts still remain to be found out. However, I managed to meet some people in a small village in Haryana State in such a huge land of India, and at least, I had a feeling about the late Mr. Sugiyama. I came back to the hotel in New Delhi at about 2 o’clock early in the morning after travelling a long distance of 300 km by car. It was a day that I got a glimpse of local places of India through the windows of the car.




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